October 7, 2020 - Medical professionals remain cautious, but German media reports that scientists in their country have evidence to suggest that sweet wormwood is effective in treating COVID-19. Known as Slatki Pelin in Croatia, the plant is grown in Dalmatia and Herzegovina.

Germany's public broadcaster (Deutsche Welle) wrote that scientists in their country have discovered that Sweet Wormwood (Artemísia annua) is effective in the treatment of COVID-19. The plant is known as Slatki pelin in Croatian and grows wild in the interior of Dalmatia and nearby Herzegovina.

Although the World Health Organization says there is currently no evidence that absinthe helps treat COVID-19, Dr Andrea Jurić, director of the Public Health Institute of the Canton of West Herzegovina, confirmed to Deutsche Welle that she was aware of the positive effects of the plant in COVID-19 patients in Herzegovina. Some inhabitants of the region have used the plant to make tea for use as a herbal remedy for those who have COVID-19. Herbal remedies are commonly used in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sweet Wormwood or Artemisia annua in Latin, is also known as Sweet Annie, Sweet Sagewort, annual Mugwort and Annual Wormwood. It grows naturally in North America and Asia as well. In China, it has long been used in herbal medicine and is widely cultivated for this purpose. The plant already has an established reputation for fighting malaria.