Madagascar: WHO is seriously studying the effectiveness of Covid-Organics

 The World Health Organization has decided to study the studies provided by Malagasy scientists.
On July 5, 2021, the World Health Organization acknowledged that it had decided to study the scientific data provided by epidemiologists and Malagasy hospitals concerning Covid-Organics. If the drink raises questions, scientists at the WHO are particularly interested in the drug called CVO-curative.
The specialists do not provide a blank check: "The realization of the clinical trial in Madagascar provides data that the Expert Committee will examine very soon. It will give an independent scientific opinion on the results obtained, in accordance with standards and procedures in terms of clinical trials, and will advise on the next steps, as it had been indicated to the Malagasy government, during the preparation of the clinical trial ", specifies Midi-Madagasikara.

Three treatments will be tested

 A month after this first statement, the Director-General of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, announced that now three treatments using artemisia (the basic plant of CVO) will be tested. These drugs contain: "Artesunate which is actually a semi-synthetic derivative of the artemisinin group which is itself an active medicinal substance isolated from the plant Artemisia annua", tells us La Nouvelle-Tribune, daily du Benign.
This information sounds like revenge for the President of the Republic of Madagascar. A year ago, the Tambavy Covid-Organics was described as: "diplomatic or even political remedy". Andry Rajoelina was the target of all criticism without any examination of the results. A year later, Madagascar seems to have cushioned the pandemic shock in an astonishing way, for observers. Did the Covid-Organic or curative play a role? The question needs to be asked...