A drink that will “change history”

The Pharmalegacy factory launches the 3rd variation of Covid Organics, the improved traditional mugwort-based remedy called CVO + Curative.

Nobody expected this. As the epidemic subsides, a last-minute email announces a "world innovation" that will change Madagascar's history and an "alternative solution for humanity".

This is the launch of the CVO + dressing, by the Farmalgaxe factory, 100% owned by the Malagasy state. An improved mugwort remedy believed to cure mild to moderate forms of Covid-19. Covid Organics was launched by Andry Rajoelina in April 2020, first as an herbal tea, then as a preventative capsule.

A drink that will “change history”. Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina draws eyes and questions with a local remedy called "Covid Organics," an herbal tea made from sagebrush and traditional Malagasy plants, supposedly to cure Covid-19. Marketed in different forms and developed by IMRA, the Institute for Applied Research of Madagascar, the potion is sold throughout the island and distributed to the most disadvantaged. Its consumption even conditions the return to school of Malagasy students. Equatorial Guinea, Niger, Tanzania and Comoros have already received boxes of "Covid Organics" herbal teas for their patients.

Clinical trials on CVO Plus Curative, conducted in 339 patients with Covid-19, showed an estimated efficacy rate of 87.1%. The drug could therefore be used to treat Covid-19 mildly and moderately, according to the plant Pharmalagasy. Patients with Covid-19 would have recovered from the 14th day of treatment. The patients were observed for 28 days in clinical trials and none of them developed severe disease or experienced any side effects, says Prof. Riana Rakotosaona from the CNARP.

None of the 339 patients experienced any health related issues. “Each of them was able to preserve their liver, kidney and metabolic functions,” she continues.

The CVO Plus phase 2 curative clinical trial was conducted from July to September 2020 to assess the efficacy of injectable artesunate alone or in combination with vitamin C. The phase 3 clinical trial was conducted from January to May 2021 to assess the efficacy of drug in the treatment of Coronavirus, indicates the farmalagasy plant.