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The Max Planck Institute believes in the potential of Artemisia as a treatment for Covid-19

Excerpts from the Arte documentary, "Covid-19 : le vaccin et après ?", september 2020.

Peter Seedberger, multi-award-winning chemist and director at the Max Planck Institute (German Institute with 18 Nobel Prizes) is working on a thousand-year-old plant, Artemisia, a natural active recognized to fight malaria that could reduce the viral load of Covid-19.


Researchers in the United States

Researchers in the United States have shown that extracts of an aromatic herb called Artemisia annua inhibit the replication of severe acute respiratory coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) – the agent responsible for the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Artemisia against the Virus

From Kentucky university.
Artemisia annua herb VS covid-19 shown positive result against the virus.

Artemisia annua and COVID-19

Conversation with Jean-Jacques Schul agricultural engineer, on the usefulness of Artemisia annua against malaria and its potential against COVID-19.

Malaria business

Laboratories against natural medicine?

By telling the story of Artemisia and those who are fighting to make this plant widely available, the documentary "Malaria Business" is putting the institutions that have been trying to fight malaria for the past fifty years to the wall. In 2017, the disease continues to kill a child every two minutes, the parasite that causes it becomes resistant to drugs, mosquitoes bypass mosquito nets, and the vaccine promised for 2018 proves disappointing. Meanwhile, African, American and European researchers are revealing that a simple herbal tea of Artemisia can prevent and cure malaria. Used for two millennia in China, this plant is however not recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and banned in France and Belgium.

Artemisia against Covid-19

What does science say?

The Artemisia annua a miraculous plant!

Interview with Lucile Cornet-Vernet Vice-president of the association La Maison l'Artemisia in the program 28 'sur Arte.

Artemisia Annua et COVID-19

Testimony of a French in Benin

Affected by Covid, this Frenchman used Artemisia and recovered immediately.
"I took this plant and after 2 days the fever went down, and after 3 days no more symptoms! "

Artemisinin revolutionized treatments

Fight against Malaria in Nigeria

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